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Welcome to Tai Chi with Josy D

      Move. Breathe. Flow.


Welcome to Tai Chi!

Move, breathe, and flow...

with this gentle, slow, no-impact form of exercise. Taiji Fit is easy to do and easy to follow. There is no right or left, no right or wrong. Just follow along and do what you see. No sequences to learn. You can join in any session. Come try it!

Classes are all in-person, located at:

Tupper Arts

106 Park Street

Tupper Lake, New York

Tai Chi can (with practice):

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Improve flexibility, balance and mobility

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Improve muscle strength

Decrease stress, anxiety and depression

Improve mood

Improve posture

Enhance the quality of sleep

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Reduce the risk of falls in older adults

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Enhance well-being

Relieve arthritis stiffness

Join the Experience

In-person classes 

Tai Chi is easy, safe, and enjoyable for people of all ages. It is especially good for balance, mobility, and calmness. The Tai Chi exercise in this program is similar to walking in terms of physical exertion. No matter at what age you start, you can learn Tai Chi and develop your skill.

Tai Chi Practice Outdoors

Hi, I’m Josy Delaney

Certified Tai Chi Instructor 

I became certified in the Tai Chi for Health Institute’s Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention course in 2015, and the Taiji Fit program in 2020. I taught Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention at the Malone Adult Center for four years, prior to the pandemic.

Tai Chi has enriched my life on so many levels – especially physically and mentally. When I first learned – and started playing (yes, that’s what it’s called!) and teaching Tai Chi – my focus was on the physical movements. The slow, gentle moves are so peaceful, and based on nature – stand rooted like a tree, bend gently like tall grasses in the breeze, flow like water… I developed a deeper awareness of how I move, how I breathe.

Then over time, I realized the mental impact of Tai Chi – for example, better focus and concentration, feeling an inner calm more often, the mind-set of “go with the flow” – a different way of looking at my life experiences.

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